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5 Gender Neutral Carseat Covers for Your Baby Boy or Girl
You don't have to know the gender in order to find adorable baby gear- Let me show you!
  • I like secrets. I like surprises. So when people look at my beautiful, round belly and innocently ask “Is it a boy or girl?” I always get a bit of a sly smile on my face when I sweetly respond “I have no idea; it's gonna be a huge surprise!”
    Maybe I'm a bit old-fashioned, but I figure if mankind trudged along for thousands of years, blissfully unaware of the sex of a baby until the actual moment that it plopped into the world, I can do the same. To me, it's sort of like enjoying the massive anticipation that always surrounded holiday gifts when I was a kid. The only difference is that this amazing baby is going to be my most astounding gift ever! 

Thankfully, my friends and family are happy to play along and give in to my desire to allow suspense to build, but even I have to admit that this old-school strategy makes it rather difficult (both for me and others) to buy cool baby stuff in advance. Yes, the pink or blue outfits and blankets are untouchable for the moment, but I've been on a quest to track down gender-neutral baby items that are perfect for either a boy or girl. Take, for example, these cute (and affordable) car seat covers that my super-smart friend, Kelsey, sent me the link to:

  • Chevron Canopy with Grey Minky (Shown above)
  • I admit it: I like to accessorize and match colors with my clothing. That doesn't make me a bad person, does it? No! Just because I have a baby with me doesn't mean that I'm abandoning my (perfectly normal!) obsession with matching colors. But, of course, I'm realistic enough to know that baby accessories and I will indeed clash upon occasion. That's just one reason I like the color of this grey minky car seat. After all, grey goes with pretty much everything, right? 
  • Nautical Navy with Red Minky (Shown right)
  • Maybe a love of the water is in my baby's future. Yes, I can see my cherub as a grown adult, confidently at the helm of a sailboat, smiling happily as both sunshine and water mist float lazily above. Yes indeed, I do like to dream, but even more practically for my own purpose, this car seat cover will serve nicely as a means of blocking sand, wind, water spray, and too much sun during our family trips to the beach and lake.

Chevron Canopy with Green Minky (Shown left)
I'm a redhead (at least I am right now – only my stylist knows for sure.) So anyway, redheads love green for obvious reasons. I have no idea if my baby will sport the ginger or not, but this pretty, green color will make me happy every time I sneak a glimpse of my sleeping beauty through the smart Peekaboo opening that graces every car seat cover from Kids 'N Such™.

Dinosaur Canopy with Red Minky (Shown right)
Whether I have a boy or girl, I assume I'm going to spend plenty of time with the kiddo at museums, staring at huge dinosaur skulls and maybe even scratching for fossils at one of those fun, dinosaur-dig parks that always seem to pop up when you're on vacation with children. Plus, I'd be okay with my kid becoming an anthropologist when he or she is older. It's never too early to start them on the right path. I am a mother: Hear me roar like a dinosaur!
OK, maybe this sounds silly, but I figure yellow is a decent color to help mask a bit of spit-up from feeding time, right? One of the great things about these car seat covers from Kids 'N Such is that they can easily be adapted for use as a backup feeding blanket. There are so many things to remember when you head out of the house with a baby. I'm pretty sure there are going to be, like, at least a hundred times that I accidentally leave the feeding blanket in the car or something like that. With this, I can just remove the cover from the car seat and then snap it around myself for a modesty-filled feeding session.

So there you have it! 

That’s five good examples of gender-neutral baby items that are cute and affordable. Normally they are $44.99, but you can snag any of these Carseat Covers for just $24.99 right now on – that’s $20 off!

When you buy a Kids N’ Such™ Carseat Cover through Amazon, Prime members get free shipping PLUS everyone gets a 100% money-back guarantee. So if you don’t like it all you have to do is return it for all of your money back.

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