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How I Made the Transition Back to My Old Routine with a Newborn
Having a baby changed my life, but it didn't have to change everything
  • Coffee. That was what I missed most. Well, to be honest, it was both coffee and friends; for in my world, the two went hand-in-hand.
    I'd always heard that life changed dramatically after you had a baby and, of course, that was true. I thought it would be things like lack of sleep and diaper-changing that would freak me out but, no, I quickly discovered that what I missed most was regular dates – twice a week - with my girlfriends at our favorite coffee shop.
Like clockwork, ten in the morning every Monday and Thursday would roll around and I could almost smell the scent of that luscious java wafting over me. Worse, I could hear the laughter of my friends as they sat at our corner table - without me! I missed their warm smiles, their support, and their love. I missed them.
I had tried to make my baby a part of the fun one time (soon after her birth) but frankly, it had been a disaster. Bless their souls, my girlfriends are awesome people, but they are loud! We get together to laugh and even scream softly, an environment that my sweet little newborn couldn't quite seem to handle. I tried to build a little cocoon by covering her car seat with a blanket, but that didn't work.
The blanket just wasn't thick enough to dampen the noise, plus I had to lift it up to check on her occasionally (I thought I was being sly, but no, even that quick burst of light woke her up). And have you ever tried to carry around a car seat with a blanket covering the handle? Well, don't! It's slippery, not safe, and I felt like I was about to drop the seat at any moment.
  • And that's the sad story of why I had to abandon my twice-weekly dates for coffee... But yes, there is a happy ending. 
  • Just when I thought I was about to go totally insane from missing my friends (and good coffee!) my mother-in-law presented me with this really cute car seat cover from Kids N' Such.
  • The soft, minky material of the Kids N' Such car seat cover is light enough to allow air to flow freely and not turn stuffy while I have the baby covered for naps and privacy. But it's thick enough to dampen the noise of even my loudest girlfriend as she laughs hilariously and accidentally squirts coffee through her nose! I like laughter, but I appreciate my baby staying asleep even more.
  • Additionally, the cover is designed to fit around the car seat handle so I always have a firm grip on it and don't have to worry about dropping the car seat while I lug it in one hand and my Mocha Latte in the other. And, the Peekaboo opening in the cover lets me check on my baby subtly without the overhead lights of the coffeehouse glaring nastily down upon her.
  • It's amazing how one little thing – a premium car seat cover from Kids N' Such – can help me get back into my routine! Now, I have it all: Regular dates with my friends, a content baby, and coffee. Did I mention how much I love coffee?

UPDATE (Nov. 07,2015):

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