3 Tips To Pick the Best Baby Shower Gift
No matter the gender, this gift will be perfect for mommy and baby alike!
  • It’s that time again... 
  • You’ve been invited to another baby shower and you are expected to bring a gift. But wouldn’t it be nice if you actually got a special thank you because of how awesome your gift was? 
  • I agree, and that’s why you are going to get the inside scoop on how to pick the best baby shower gift for both boys and girls. My name is Channing and after having two children (five years apart), I have found that what's trending isn't necessarily useful.
  • So here's the scoop:
1. Do a little homework.
This part is actually really easy. 99% of all baby showers come with this super not-so-secret list called a baby registry. As an attendee it’s your job to check it out. Look at the items on the list. Look at the styles and colors. Do you notice a pattern? Does the new mommy like gender specific colors or gender neutral? Take a mental note of these things because they will come in handy in tip #3.
I repeat, DO NOT buy anything on the baby registry. This may seem a bit unorthodox but the title of this article indicates tips for buying the BEST baby shower gift, not the one that everyone else is bringing.
Guilty confession: I didn't have a clue about what I would actually need or use when I had my first child. My husband and I picked so many random things for our baby registry that we actually returned almost $1,000 in gifts. 
3. Pick a gift that is unique, useful, and compliments the new mother’s style.
I can’t stress this point enough. You’re goal is to bring a gift that will be used for the next couple of years and that the new mommy will enjoy using. A diaper cake is not one of those gifts. Cute outfits with a 3-month size window are not one of those gifts either. And finally, infants don’t need six different types of bottles or blankets- all they really need (and like) is 1.
  • Now THIS is a gift worth having
  • There is only one gift (which I bought myself) that I can honestly say I used until my children became toddlers. Ironically, they are really hard to find in the big baby stores (I found my Carrier Cover on Amazon.com), which is why you won’t find them on the baby registry (hence tip #2).
    The best part is that this gift is fashionable and I enjoyed carrying it around. No doubt you’ve seen them, but they are called Car Seat Covers, or Carrier Covers. They have so many uses for infants that there is no reason that any newborn should go without one. And let me be clear- they are super cute!
    Car Seat Covers, or Carrier Covers, come in a multitude of different colors and designs. Luckily, you paid attention in tip #1 and know what kinds of colors and styles the new mommy is into.
  • The Cut Above the Rest
  • Having used several different brands, my favorite Carrier Cover design is the one by Kids N’ Such. Without going into too much detail here’s my experience with it:
  • -They have modern designs and colors (chevron, damask, sports, Moroccan, etc.)
  • -Their cover kept wind, bright light, rain, sudden temperature changes, dirt, and even pesky strangers from disturbing my children while in their car seat
  • -The cover fit both infant car seats that I used
  • -I like their Easy Peek opening that kept my children asleep even when I needed to check on them
  • -Their cover doubles as a nursing blanket (life saver)
  • -It’s machine washable (convenience is obviously important)
  • To recap: The Carrier Cover matches mommy's style because you did your homework in tip #1.  Mommy is unlikely to find the best price/styles in the big baby stores, which is why tip #2 tells you to avoid buying from the baby registry. Carrier Covers can be used until the infant reaches toddlerhood or upgrades to a larger car seat- that's 2 years! 
  • So there you have it. Now you are prepared to pick a gift that is fashionable for mommy, useful for several years, and won’t be found on the baby registry by everyone else. The best part for you is that everyone else will be wondering why they didn't think of it first!

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